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  • Used in Starters  for electrosubmersible pumps and other motors.
  • For intermitted use only.
  • Designed to comply with the following British Standards:
  • BS171:1970, BS4941:1977 PART 4, IEC292-4:1975
  • Max. delay time for each operation: 15 seconds.
  • Rate of cycles:
  • Class 0.03: Up to 3 operations per hour
  • Class 0.01: Up to 12 operations per hour
  • Class 0.3 : Up to 30 operations per hour

  • Rated operational voltage: 415V - 3-phases
  • Tappings at 55% & 65% or at 65% only
    Class H (1550)

    Attention is drown to the fact that the number of startings per hour (s.p.h.) assumes equal periods between starts except that, in the event of rapid succession, the autotransformer shall be allowed to cool before a further start is made.


Total operating time in relation to transformer type and loadTappings at 55+65% or at 65% onlyType selectionHP in relation to Startings/HourS.P.H. in relation to Transformer type & Load

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