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1-PHASE  Power Transformers - Custom built

In this category we don't offer a full range of transformers but, the design is made upon customer's specifications. Simply know that the range of capacities goes up to 25 KVA for double wound transformers and to greater capacities for autotransformers. Indicatively, we show only one table with the usual range of capacities, from 6 to 25 KVA.



  • Compliance with BS171Suitable for industrial & domestic applications.
  • Class F insulation
  • Operation in surrounding temperature of 40o C with temperature rise of 80o C.
  • Insulation resistance > 5 Meghoms between input & output windings and >2 Meghoms for other insulation, measurement made at 500V DC.
  • Flash test 2000V RMS between core & other parts and 4000V between input & output windings.
  • 50/60 Hz frequency operation.


1-PHASE Power - Custom built

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