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 Style: 03-0404With PVC connectors   Style: 03-0606 With Terminals   Style 08-0606With Terminals


  •  Compliance with BS EN 61558-1: 1998
  • There is no electrical connection between input & output windings.
  • Suitable for industrial & domestic applications.
  • Temperature class E.
  • Insulation class II.
  • Operation in surrounding temperature of 40o C with temperature rise of 80o C.
  • May be provided with electrostatic shield between input & output windings.
  • Insulation resistance > 5 Meghoms between input & output windings and >2 Meghoms for other insulation, measurement made at 500V DC.
  • Flash test 2000V RMS between core & other parts and 4000V between input & output windings.
    50/60 Hz frequency operation.

240V/(220-240)V - Open240V/(220-240)V - Closed

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